Product Detail

Made for perimeter controlled CA or finish application without run off, our EndPoint Mark + Mask System creates spot on borderlines for a secure boundary and complete runoff control of adhesives and finishes. Designed specifically for use with MasterGlu adhesives and Fill n’ Finish formulas, GluBoost EndPoint Mark + Mask System eliminates adhesive and finish run off forever!

Ultra High Performance Vinyl Tape 

Full 36 yards (1296 inches) by 1/8” wide for finer control

Allows for repeated removal and replacement for more exacting work

Residue free adhesive

Conforms to regular and irregular surfaces

Write-on capability

Easy to ID Bright Green Color

Sturdy plastic core

Resistant to aging, sun, water, fungus, bacteria, oil, acids, alkalis, and corrosive chemicals

Through Color – Abrasion, impact and rupture resistant

Works within a very wide temperature range


EndPoint Perimeter Markers 

Bright yellow color

Specially Formulated – Resists adhesive and finishes

Marks a removable perimeter where glue or finish will not go

Soft, easy to use material


System Contents: 1 x long lasting roll – 36 yards (1296 inches) by 1/8” wide, bright green, ultra high performance vinyl tape and 1 x box of 3 specially formulated non-toxic yellow glue and finish perimeter markers in a ”keep clean” metallic zip lock storage bag.