Flexible. Water Clear, and Non Creeping Formula with Zero to Minimal Witness Lines!

Get superior results with this non-creeping, water clear, non-brittle, flexible pro formula top coat and repair solution. Use as a base coat during drop fills and as a top coat after Fill n Finish Pro Formula. Also, perfect for less porous woods, like ebony, maple, some rosewoods and Koa, which require a thinner finishing product that will penetrate further.

• Great for repairing all types of cracks
• Use as a top coat over Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula for perfect base coat in build ups
• Suitable for small brush work and wick-ins for lifting inlays prior to clamping
• Use as a stain sealer
• Other uses include as a flexible top coat, for finish work on inlays, and on any areas that a brittle, thin glue would fail
• Safe for use on all finishes, Nitro, Lacquer, Poly, urethane, and even water-based finishes
• You can shoot lacquer right over Fill n’ Finish Thin with completely invisible results!
• No creeping and zero to minimal witness lines every time!