SUMMIT fret tang cutter adjustable – universal

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Summit fret tang cutter universal – adjustable, for cutting frets mounted on binded fingerboards, length 235 mm, weight 0,33 kg,  material hardness HRc 44-48/58+-2. Professional tang cutter with adjustable cutting depth. Precisely cuts the tang to the adjusted depth. Hardened jaws to HRC58 enable smooth cutting of hardest stainless steel frets.

Summit Fret Tang Cutter for all fret wire including Stainless Steel. Long Handle provides leverage. Fret wire guide plate is reversible giving 2 profile option. The tang is supported at the cut eliminating distortion of the tang end. Tough jaws accept Stainless Steel fret wire. Depth stop adjustable from 0 to 8.5mm. Sprunh handle opens the jaws on release.

Comes with your choice of the following:

Guiding plate 1 & 2

            A(width)         B(hight)             A(width)         B(hight)   
1          2,03mm          1,09mm              0.080″              0.043″
2         2,64mm          1,20mm               0.104″                0.047″

Guiding Plates 3 & 4

            A(width)         B(height)              A(width)         B(height)   
3            2.30mm         1.40mm               0.090″                0.055″
4            2.80mm         1.45mm               0.110″                 0.057″

Guiding Plates 5 & 6

            A(width)         B(hight)             A(width)         B(hight)
5          2,50mm          1,20mm              0.098″              0.047″
6          2,99mm          1,47mm              0.118″               0.058″