Luthier Files

Part #:Name:Price:Description:
ST-8064SUMMIT teflon tape-fret protective, selfadhesive 5m$14.90Fret protective teflon tape
ST-8065SUMMIT® fret beveling file150x2 Standard$26.90Fret beveling file for nickel silver frets
ST-8067SUMMIT fret beveler double-angled 35/90° w/handle$26.90Fret beveler
ST-8068SUMMIT fret beveling file150x2 St.Steel frets$29.90Fret beveling file for rounding Stainless Steel
ST-8069SUMMIT file for nut channel-double angled$19.90Luthier file for nut channel
ST-8070SUMMIT file double-angled N narrow-carbon, hard mat.$29.90File for nut/saddle
ST-8071SUMMIT file double-angled M medium-carbon, hard mat.$19.90Double angled fret file
ST-8072SUMMIT file needle shape for carbon, hard mat. nut$35.90Fret file needle shape, extra hardened
ST-8073SUMMIT file chisel shape for nut channel$23.90Fret file chisel shape made from tempered steel
ST-8074SUMMIT file triangular St. Steel frets end rounding$39.90Triangular file for stainless steel fret end rounding
ST-8075SUMMIT file triangular for St.Steel frets universal$29.90Triangular fret file for stainless steel
ST-8076SUMMIT file triangular for silver-nickel frets$23.90Triangular file made from tempered steel
ST-8077SUMMIT file chisel shape extra hardened for frets$31.80Fret file chisel shape


Part #:Name:Price:Description:
ST-8000SUMMIT fret tang cutter adjustable - universal$104.90For cutting frets mounted on binded fingerboards.
ST-80001SUMMIT fret tang cutter guiding plate - profiles 1-2$37.80Guiding plate for ST-8000 for use with FW43080 & FW47104
ST-80002SUMMIT fret tang cutter guiding plate - profiles 3-4$37.80Guiding plate for ST-8000 for use with FW55090 & FW57110
ST-80003SUMMIT fret tang cutter guiding plate - profiles 5-6$37.80Guiding plate for ST-8000 for use with FW47095 & FW58118
ST-8001SUMMIT straight overhang fret-end cutter$73.40Removes fret overhang flush with the fingerboard and minimizes fret end filing.
ST-8003SUMMIT special fret cutter with angled handle$42.40The offset handles give clearance when nipping fret ends when the neck is resting on a bench.
ST-8004SUMMIT fret cutter with hammer$73.40This combined tool utilizes two working steps: precise cutting and installation of the fret.


Part #:Name: Description:
ST-8002SUMMIT ergonomic fret puller$41.90Removes a single fret quickly and efficiently without causing harm to the fingerboard.
ST-8005SUMMIT multi purpose pliers StringThing$49.25Rounded Plier Nose for bending strings.
ST-8011SUMMIT gluing asistance pliers$62.90Length 280 mm, weight 0,7 kg, material hardness 40-45HRc.
ST-8016SUMMIT StrapLok installer/remover$31.40Fast and easy mounting or removing the Dunlop strap-lock on the guitar belt.

Presses & Cauls

Part #:Name: Description:
ST-8009SUMMIT multitask press-device for luthiers209.9 Used for fretting, bushing install and remove on peg head
ST-80091SUMMIT multitask press device attachments for bushings guitar 6mm20.9For installing/uninstalling bushings 6mm machineads guitar
ST-80092SUMMIT multitask press device attachments for bushings bass 14mm25.1For installing/uninstalling bushings bass guitar 14mm
ST-80093SUMMIT multitask press device attachments for fretting40.85SUMMIT attachments for freting to use with multitask press device.
ST-8010SUMMIT ergonomic fast fret press pliers178.4Fret-mounting pliers made from high endurance Chrome-Vanadium steel
ST-80102SUMMIT fret press caul FLAT5.46Aluminium cauls wide 3mm, grooved
ST-80103SUMMIT fret press caul 7.1/4-184,2mm5.46Aluminium cauls wide 3mm, grooved
ST-80104SUMMIT fret press caul 9.1/2"-241,3mm5.46Aluminium cauls wide 3mm, grooved
ST-80105SUMMIT fret press caul 10"-254mm5.46Aluminium cauls wide 3mm, grooved
ST-80106SUMMIT fret press caul 12"-304,8mm5.46Aluminium cauls wide 3mm, grooved
ST-80107SUMMIT fret press caul 14"-355,8mm5.46Aluminium cauls wide 3mm, grooved
ST-80108SUMMIT fret press caul 16"-406,4mm5.46Aluminium cauls wide 3mm, grooved
ST-80109SUMMIT fret press caul 20"-508mm5.46Aluminium cauls wide 3mm, grooved


Part #:Name: Description:
ST-801322SUMMIT fret installing hammer 22$15.65Double-functional: combination of hard and flexible surface for standard installing and partial harder hammering
ST-801327SUMMIT fret installing hammer 27$18.80Double-functional: combination of hard and flexible surface for standard installing and partial harder hammering
ST-8021SUMMIT fret shock absorber$52.40Prevents damage to the sound plate when mounting frets.


Part #:Name: Description:
ST-8012SUMMIT fast bridge clamp$125.90For easy, fast and accurate gluing wooden bridges on classical and acoustic guitars and basses.
ST-8014SUMMIT professional gluing clamp - low profile$83.90Low depth to prevent bending of the thin plates while gluing the center-joint.
ST-80142SUMMIT® set of professional gluing clamps - low profile$293.90This specially treated wire spring has a geometric design and a  diameter of 4mm
ST-8056SUMMIT® fast spring gluing clamp$2.52The traditional Spanish luthier method for gluing classical guitar tops is to use a series of clamping springs.
ST-80121SUMMIT® bridge CG non-stick support plate 190x40x10 mm$6.93Classic guitar support plate 190x40x10 mm, made from "non stick" material.
ST-80122SUMMIT® bridge FG non-stick support plate 170x75x10 mm$7.40Bridge folk guitar support plate 172x76x10 mm made from "non-stick" material.


Part #:Name: Description:
ST-8041SUMMIT leveler for precise fingerboard and fret sanding 200mm$25.20For precise fingerboard sanding and fret leveling.
ST-8042SUMMIT leveler for precise fingerboard and fret sanding 400mm$36.23For precise fingerboard sanding and fret leveling.
ST-8043SUMMIT leveler for precise fingerboard and fret sanding 600mm$56.70For precise fingerboard sanding and fret leveling.
ST-8050SUMMIT Neck relief sanding beam-adjustable$134.00Precise, light tool for perfect relief of your fingerboard
ST-8051SUMMIT Neck relief sanding beam-fine adjustable$313.95Precise, light tool for perfect relief of your fingerboard


Part #:Name: Description:
ST-8046SUMMIT® high fret detector-HFD17.85Made from 1,5mm stainless steel with laser-cut technology, for endurance and precise work.
ST-8047SUMMIT® understring radius gauges, set 8 pcs26.25Includes: FLAT, 7.1/4'',10'',12'',14'',16'',18'',20''
ST-8048SUMMIT® doubleside radius gauge, set of 527.3Includes: FLAT-_7.1/4'' - 9.1/2''_10'', - 12'_14'' - 15'_-16'' - 18''_20'

Foam Pads

Part #:Name: Description:
ST-6123SUMMIT GSP guitar service foam pad 55x45x1,5 cm$11.3Prevents the guitar from slipping while you work without scratching the lacquered surface.
ST-80152SUMMIT abrasive-polishing foam pad Green M=Medium$1.39SUMMIT abrasive-polishing foam pad.
ST-80153SUMMIT abrasive-polishing foam pad Blue L=Light$1.39SUMMIT abrasive-polishing foam pad.
ST-80154SUMMIT abrasive-polishing foam pad White S=Smooth$1.39SUMMIT abrasive-polishing foam pad.
ST-80171SUMMIT abrasive-polishing foam pad Black R=Rough$0.99SUMMIT abrasive-polishing foam pad.


Part #:Name: Description:
ST-8060SUMMIT® Go-bar rectangular profile 10x3x600mm$3.30Made from fiberglass.
ST-8039SUMMIT® go-bar sturdy rubber end tip$0.84Provides secure positioning of go-bar and protects softer surfaces.